Using energy more sensibly


Since 2009, in addition to stainless steel tubing, sophisticated components and hydroforming, the fischer group has also been working with environmentally friendly process technologies. Today, fischer eco solutions concentrates primarily on the use of methanol fuel cells.

Together with the wholly owned Danish subsidiary SerEnergy, fischer eco solutions is working on the optimization of modular power generators with reformer methanol fuel cells (RMFC).


SerEnergy and fischer eco solutions

The division of responsibilities between SerEnergy and fischer eco solutions is clear: the Danish specialists concentrate on research, product development, prototypes and pilot series production. fischer eco solutions handles the serial production of the individual components and systems.

fischer eco solutions

Achern, Germany


  • Membrane Electrode Unit (MEA) production
  • Bipolar plate processing
  • Stack mounting
  • Stack testing
  • Methanol reformer production


SerEnergy A/S

Aalborg, Denmark

Development & Sales

  • Research and product development
  • Business development
  • Prototypes and pre-series production

Brennstoffzelle 120 Zellen Stack
Versatile in use

The modular generators with reformer methanol fuel cells are in use, for example, in decentralized telecommunications systems in India, the Philippines or in the Norwegian mountains, where they replace less environmentally friendly diesel generators. Also conceivable are operations as emergency power systems, commercial vehicles in intralogistics or decentralized power supply on ships or in hotel complexes.

Your contact person for fuel cell technology

Daniel Hennig
Head of Fuel Cells Germany, fischer eco solutions
Phone+49 7841 6803-474
Mobile+49 151 16890635
Fax+49 7841 6803-885