Local commitment to climate protection

Commitment to climate protection is also growing at the local level. That is why fischer Hydroforming GmbH in Menden, Germany, is actively involved in the "Menden Efficiency Network" of the municipal utility company. The aim of this local network is to define and implement significant energy saving targets.

Many ways to save energy

Energy use in companies can be optimized in many ways: From efficient, economical lighting using LED technology, to modern heating and cooling, to the intelligently controlled use of process energy for the operation of plant and machinery. In the Menden energy efficiency network, the first thing on the participants' agenda is an exchange of experience. Good concepts from individual participants are presented and examined for their transferability to other network participants. In this way, the companies can learn from the experience and knowledge of the other participants and benefit from it themselves.

Leading by example

fischer Hydroforming has been able to set a good example and has already reduced its current CO2 emissions by 330 tons per year.