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Due to continuous further developments and the variety of advantages, it increasingly pays off to also use hydroforming for smaller unit numbers. Even the relatively elaborate production of specific tools can be calculated in a cost-efficient manner. Other options for saving costs include the production of multi-use tools in a hydroforming tool or standardizing components and using them in different products.

Do you have an idea for an innovative component? – We would be pleased to prepare a calculation for you.

  How you can take advantage of the technical and
  business advantages offered by hydroforming:
  • Complex, 3-dimensional geometries and cross-sectional and perimeter enhancement in a few process steps 
  • Costs are reduced through
    • avings in materials due to the use of thin-walled tubes (reduction in wall thickness, weight and installation space as compared to cast or bending parts with same or higher static strength)
    • he ability to replace several work steps (joining, soldering, welding, milling) with only one hydroforming component
  • High degree of measurement and form precision
  • Extensive repeat accuracy of geometries
  • Multi-use components in one hydroforming tool ensure multiple uses and synergies
  • Elimination of subsequent operations due to geometry advantages
  • Standardization of components across entire product range

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