fischer Rohrtechnik

Astonishing variety of shapes

fischer Rohrtechnik and fischer Hydroforming are able to produce ever more complicated components

To offer complete service when it comes to manufacturing stainless steel tube components, fischer Rohrtechnik and fischer Hydroforming will also assume the demanding processing of fischer tubes for you.

Product and process development takes place at a rapid pace. New technologies break barriers on a daily basis. We strive to achieve results that were previously not thought possible. Beyond what is standard, the specialists at fischer use innovative processes to shape the stainless steel tubes into new, often astonishing forms. Lighter, more complex, more demanding.

This is what we do best: find new possibilities at the limit of what is feasible and putting them to practical use, each time – every time. That’s what we are known for – all over the world.

fischer Rohrtechnik
fischer Rohrtechnik international
Within the fischer group of companies, the processing of our stainless steel tubes into complex components is carried out in five countries and and eight locations around the world:
  • four in Germany
  • one each in Canada, South Africa, Mexico and China.
fischer Rohrtechnik
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