Lithium-ion battery modules and systems


The Alesso battery module enables the design of individual battery storage solutions with high safety standards and is perfectly suited for use with strongly fluctuating power factors.

Together with the specially developed cooling technology, high discharge rates can be achieved with comparatively small installation space and a long service life.

Alesso is the battery system for your powerful storage requirements.

The benefits of Alesso

Balanced cooling concept

The use of innovative technologies enables highly efficient and complete liquid cooling of all battery cells. Due to the excellent temperature management, an uniform and homogeneous temperature profile can be achieved, which is decisive for a high charge/discharge rate and a long battery life.

Easy to scale

The battery system can be easily adapted to changing standards thanks to a modular plug-in concept. The easy handling is supported by the standard 19" format and busbar connector. The individual battery modules can be expanded to systems with up to 800V using the company's own master BMS.

Highest safety standards

The integrated battery management system for monitoring cell current, voltage and temperature enables the anticipatory detection of possible deviations of system-relevant parameters and prevents thermal and electrical overload within the battery blocks.

High performance at every discharge process

The battery memory enables high performance discharging with up to 4C continuously.

Quality from experience

We have over 30 years of experience in laser welding at the fischer group. We benefit from this experience when it comes to joining cells using laser welding technology. Low contact resistances between the battery cells significantly increase the overall efficiency of the system.

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