Tests and test certificates

Test scope according to EN 10217-7 TC1 or TC2:

  • 100 % leak test on the entire circumference of the tube by means of eddy-current according to EN 10893-1 (EN10246-2) and EN 10893-2 (EN10246-3)
  • Tensile test according to EN 6892-1
  • Expansion test according to EN ISO 8493


Additional tests such as ring tensile test, intercrystalline corrosion test, hardness test, etc. are available on demand.

Test certificate according to EN 10204

  • 3.1 acceptance test certificate by an independent plant expert
  • 3.1-AD2000 W2 with the countersignature of the TÜV (German Technical Inspectorate) for pressure vessels that require monitoring
  • 3.2 inspection by an expert who is named in the official regulations