Joint hydrogen project presented for the first time

Last week, around 60 participants gathered for a constructive dialog and information exchange on the latest developments in the field of hydrogen technology in the Uckermark-Barnim region as part of the hydrogen tour of Brandenburg's Minister of Economic Affairs, Prof. Dr. Jörg Steinbach.

The highlight of the event was the presentation of the current project of the regional management of the H2 hydrogen region Uckermark-Barnim: a prototype of a mobile grid replacement system that is unique on the market until now. A fuel cell system integrated by H2 Power 'n' Heat GmbH was combined with two hydrogen solid fuel storage systems produced by GRZ Technologies SA in collaboration with fischer Power Solutions to create a mobile emergency power system. This prototype was presented and demonstrated for the first time during the event. In addition to its reliability and efficiency, this technology is characterized by low operating costs and a long service life. The mobile application also enables easy scalability, making it suitable for use in many areas, such as critical infrastructures.

As official partner of GRZ Technologies, the fischer group is proud to be part of this development.