Valuable qualities

The pillars of the fischer group company culture

Durchgängiges Qualitätsverständnis
All-encompassing understanding of quality
We achieve excellence in products and processes by continuously improving quality and addressing challenges as potentials to continually optimize the system.
Nachhaltiges Denken
Sustainable thinking
We are committed to sustainably meeting the economic requirements of the process of production of goods and services under ecological objectives.
Konsequente Kundenorientierung
Consistent customer orientation
We consistently gear our activities to the needs of the markets and our customers. This applies to both our products and the service we offer.
Gelebte Innovationsbereitschaft
Always ready to innovate
We understand innovation to be both beneficial innovations in processes, products and methods as well as useful organizational changes. We promote the idea of continuous improvement.
Strategische Führung
Strategic leadership
We base all our decisions and activities on a common, fundamental customer, competitive and corporate strategy with the aim of remaining the leading manufacturer of stainless steel tubing and components.
Motivierte Mitarbeiter
Motivated employees
We understand the balance between assigned work tasks, acquired competence and intrinsic motivation as the basis for the qualification of the employees as competent responsible agents.