Sized to exact lengths, contoured precisely and perforated


Depending on the technical requirements and underlying economic conditions, the fischer group offers three different separating processes for the manufactured tubes:


If necessary combined with brush deburring and washing

Laser cutting

Precise and splatter-free with minimal material loss

Knife cutting

The most economical separating process

100% length control is automatic here.
After separating, the edges can be finished in different ways. This is where brush deburring or other customer-specific solutions are used before the parts are cleaned.

Other separating processes

Contour cuts
In addition, laser cutting offers almost infinite possibilities for precise cuts in 3D. This not only opens up new dimensions functionally. Artistic, decorative contour cuts can thus also be realized with great versatility.


Tubes with wall thicknesses of 0.8-2 mm can be perforated. Other special dimensions are possible on request.